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About Journal

《Geological Survey of China》(Bimonthly, CN 10-1260/P, ISSN 2095-8706) is a comprehensive academic journal governed by China Geological Survey and sponsored by National Geological Library of China (Geoscience Documentation Center). The aim of this journal is to “publicize the important theoretical and technical research results of geological survey, introduce the new findings and deployment in the field of geological survey, discuss the theoretical understanding and technical innovation about geology, establish an information exchange platform for geoscience”, with the objective of highlighting the accomplishments achieved by China geological survey projects. The journal belongs to China Core periodicals of Science, and has been indexed or abstracted comprehensive or professional index systems such as Scopus, American Chemical Abstracts(CA), Russian Abstracts Journals(AJ), Index of Copumicus(IC), Japan Science and Technology Agency(JST). The major columns include:
Energy and Mineral Resources:This column focuses on the results achieved by land energy and mineral resources survey, important mineral resources potential assessment, mineral resources prospect survey, clean energy exploration, bulk mineral shortages and strategic emerging industries mineral survey.
Basic Geology:This column focuses on the results achieved by regional geological survey, urban geological survey, geophysical exploration, geochemical survey and remote sensing geological survey. 
Marine Geology:This column focuses on the results achieved by marine basic geology survey, coastal zone comprehensive geology survey, marine oil and gas resources survey, digital marine geology and marine gas hydrate resources exploration.
Disaster and Environment:This column focuses on the results achieved by hydrological engineering environmental geological survey, resource environmental bearing capacity evaluation, groundwater resource exploration, exploitation and utilization, geological disaster investigation and prevention, mine geological environment protection and management and geological relic investigation and evaluation.
Technology and Synthesis:This column focuses on geological research achievements in geological survey theory, technical approach, instrument and equipment and information system construction with wide application range, good results conversion effect and high degree of information sharing, and major accomplishments in geological survey strategic planning, regulations and policies, information service and standard specification. 

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