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Other articles related with "P618.7":
1 WANG Denghong, LIU Shanbao, WANG Chenghui, YU Yang, ZHAO Zhi, DAI Hongzhang
  Review on the progress of prospecting for three types of rare mineral resources in China and suggestions for the new round of prospecting
       2023 Vol.10 (5): 1-8 [Abstract] (80) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2078 KB] (438)
9 ZHAO Zhi, WANG Denghong, LIU Shanbao, WANG Wei, YU Yang, JI Debao, HE Bin, YU Feng, MIAO Hao, BAN Xiyu, JIN Yanan
  Discovery of the bastnaesite-fluorite-barite-calcite type REE ore in the periphery of Maoniuping deposit in Sichuan Province and its significance
       2023 Vol.10 (5): 9-16 [Abstract] (58) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 6354 KB] (109)
1 WANG Chenghui, WANG Denghong, LIU Shanbao, ZHANG Yongsheng, WANG Chunlian, WANG Jiuyi, ZHOU Xiong, DAI Hongzhang, YU Yang, SUN Yan, XING Enyuan
  Progresses and main achievements on strategic emerging minerals survey project
       2022 Vol.9 (5): 1-14 [Abstract] (115) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 9318 KB] (193)
23 FAN Guoqiang, QIN Yulong, ZHAN Hanyu, XIONG Changli, CHEN Deyun, HUANG Shifa, PENG Yi
  Metallization regularity and prospecting target area in Panzhihua-Xichang area of Sichuan Province
       2022 Vol.9 (1): 23-31 [Abstract] (77) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 3558 KB] (135)
25 XUE Hongfu, ZENG Daoguo, XIANG Mingkun, MANG Shicai, ZHANG An
  Characteristics of Fe-Al rock series on the top of Emeishan basalt in northwestern Guizhou Province and enrichment characteristics of its three rare elements
       2021 Vol.8 (5): 25-34 [Abstract] (71) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 8428 KB] (110)
13 CHEN Haidong, WANG Zhanfu, LU Ning, ZHANG Haifeng, XIE Jianxi
  Geological characteristics and genesis of the REE-Nb polymetallic deposit in Huishishan of Ejinaqi in Inner Mongolia
       2020 Vol.7 (6): 13-19 [Abstract] (227) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 8712 KB] (146)
28 YANG Shizhen, ZHOU Fangchun, LI Jianbin, LIU Xiang, LI Jiankang, HUANG Zhibiao, SU Junnan, LI Peng
  Prospecting ideas and research progress of extra-large Ta-Nb deposit in Renli of Hunan Province
       2020 Vol.7 (4): 28-36 [Abstract] (490) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 5771 KB] (176)
30 ZHANG Jianfeng, WAN Taiping, LI Xinpeng, YANG Wenpeng, ZHAO Zhonghai, XU Donghai
  Geochemical characteristics and evaluation of Nb and Ta deposits in Nianzishan area of Heilongjiang Province
       2020 Vol.7 (2): 30-38 [Abstract] (433) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 14233 KB] (115)
1 WANG Denghong, ZHENG Mianping, WANG Chenghui, GAO Shuxue, SHANG Pengqiang, YANG Xianzhong, FAN Xingtao, SUN Yan
  Progresses and main achievements on bulk lacking minerals and strategic emerging industry minerals survey project
       2019 Vol.6 (6): 1-11 [Abstract] (350) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 3515 KB] (391)
19 WEN Chunhua, LUO Xiaoya, CHEN Jianfeng, LIN Bihai, LI Shengmiao
  Relationship between Yanshanian magmatic activity and rare metal mineralization in Mufushan area of Northeast Hunan
       2019 Vol.6 (6): 19-28 [Abstract] (309) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 7000 KB] (207)
35 TU Qijun, LI Jiankang, WANG Gang, MA Hongchao
  Mineralization comparisons of the major pegmatite type spodumene deposits and their prospecting potential in West China
       2019 Vol.6 (6): 35-47 [Abstract] (315) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 18346 KB] (459)
72 WANG Wei, LIU Tuqiang, YUAN Linping, LIU Shanbao, YU Yang, LIU Lijun, LV Bingting, ZHENG Xiaogang, DAI Hongzhang
  Geological characteristics and prospecting potential of Huangniuping beryllium deposit in Jiulong of West Sichuan
       2019 Vol.6 (6): 72-78 [Abstract] (302) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 2724 KB] (203)
34 XU Yunfeng, QIN Yulong, WANG Xianfeng, LI Mingze, ZHOU Xiong, ZHAN Hanyu, WU Wenhui
  Geochemical characteristics and metallogenic geological conditions of pegmatite type lithium polymetallic ore in Rongxuka, Sichuan Province
       2019 Vol.6 (1): 34-40 [Abstract] (446) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 6395 KB] (320)
17 ZHAN Hanyu, MA Hongman, WU Wenhui, QIN Yulong, WU He, YI Shengli
  Mineralization charateristics and target area prediction of underground brine lithium mine in Zigong Area, Sichuan Province
       2018 Vol.5 (4): 17-24 [Abstract] (469) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 4697 KB] (410)
1 WNAG Denghong, SUN Yan, LIU Xifang, TIAN Shihong, DAI Jingjing, LIU Lijun, MA Shengchao
  Deep exploration technology and prospecting direction for lithium energy metal
       2018 Vol.5 (1): 1-9 [Abstract] (717) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 3436 KB] (1435)
1 WANG Denghong, WANG Chenghui, SUN Yan, LI Jiankang, LIU Shanbao, RAO Kuiyuan
  New progresses and discussion on the survey and research of Li, Be, Ta ore deposits in China
       2017 Vol.4 (5): 1-8 [Abstract] (404) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 4426 KB] (322)
9 LI Jianzhong, LU Shenglin, WU Wenxian, DING Jun, WANG Baodi, ZHAO Zuoxin, CUI Ziliang
  New cognition and discovery of rare earth deposits in the Xiaolonghe tin-REE polymetallic orefield of Tengchong in Yunnan Province
       2017 Vol.4 (2): 9-13 [Abstract] (436) [HTML 1 KB] [PDF 3871 KB] (355)
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